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 iEscrow is the leading facilitator of interpersonal online commerce. We provide automated online transaction management and online escrow services to users of person-to-person auctions, online classifieds and newsgroups. Our users include collectors and small merchants from around the world. Our goal is to provide users with a safe, convenient and fulfilling experience when they conduct business with other consumers on the Internet.

Warning: Neither iEscrow nor any legitimate online escrow company we are aware of uses Money Gram or Western Union. If you are asked to use these methods of payment please contact your local authorities immediately. 

iEscrow Comparison ¹
Merchandise Value
$140  $18 $25
$1,600  $72 $100.80
$2,800  $126 $176.40
$5,000  $225.00 $315.00
$5,000²+  $225 then+3.5%
Not Possible
liability cvrg
Google Checkout
Secure SSL
Hacker Guardian
¹Costs compared using PayPal/Google payments.
²Up to $10,000 (twice the limit of the competition).

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