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  • When is my credit card charged?
  • iEscrow must be able to verify funds before instructions are sent to the Seller to transfer the merchandise. A Buyer's credit card is therefore charged  after submitting the credit card payment form online. This is a payment to iEscrow, not the Seller.
  • How do I change information I previously entered?
  • Transaction information can be modified by each user until both parties agree to all details. To do so, you must reject the current transaction and being a new one with the necessary changes. Once both parties have agreed to the transaction details, no further modification can be made.
  • When and how do I cancel a transaction?
  • Prior to agreement of terms by both parties, the Buyer or Seller can cancel the transaction by clicking the reject button on the transaction screen. Once both parties have confirmed transaction details in the agreement phase, either party may cancel the transaction, only if Buyer has not delivered payment, by sending an email request to After funds are secured, the cancellation of a transaction can only be done by iEscrow after notifying both parties.

    The Buyer may reject the transaction during the inspection period after receiving the items, but the Buyer is still responsible for shipping the merchandise back to the Seller, and for paying any escrow fees.

  • What if Buyer refuses to receive shipment?
  • Buyers will be charged all related shipping and/or applicable costs plus the corresponding iEscrow service fee if he/she refuses to receive a shipment. The Seller's shipping costs will then be reimbursed.
  • What if Buyer denies ever having received the merchandise?
  • The iEscrow service can only be used if all our requirements are met by both parties. We have shipping requirements that must be adhered to. These requirements enable us and either party to track and verify both shipment and receipt. A Buyer cannot deny receipt if these requirements are met.
  • What if the Buyer forgets to accept that the transfer has been completed?
  • Funds held by iEscrow will be released to the Seller after the inspection period lapses.
  • How does a Buyer return merchandise to Seller?
  • If the Buyer declines the transaction, he/she must return the merchandise back to the Seller in its original state. The Buyer MUST comply with exactly the same shipping requirements iEscrow has set for the Seller since the Buyer is ultimately responsible for the item(s) until the Seller receives it. This is similar to a reversal of roles. The Buyer must have the necessary shipping information when choosing the decline option. Please note that Buyer is responsible for the fees by iEscrow and shipping.
  • I live in Arizona, why can I not use your service?
  • We currently do not have the proper licensing to conduct transactions in the State of Arizona.
  • I forgot my password, what do I do now?
  • Don't panic, click here to find your password. You may click the "Forgot Password?" link bellow any login box to go to the password retrieval page.
  • Do I need special software to use iEscrow's service?
  • No, iEscrow is completely web based so all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection.
  • How long does the whole process take?
  • It depends on the method of payment Buyer uses. For credit card transactions, since payment can be received and processed online, the whole process from the Seller filling out the initial form to when he/she receives their money should take no more than several days. Payments by check and money order will take longer because of the time to receive and clear the payment.
  • How and when does the Seller get paid?
  • When the Buyer has approved the merchandise or the Inspection Period has lapsed, a check will be sent to the Seller via U.S.P.S. or money will be sent via PayPal, depending on Seller's designation. The Seller should receive the check within 5 business days if Seller's address is within the United States or the PayPal transaction within 24 hours. There is a over-night delivery option for Checks as well. Checks and Paypal will be in US dollars. Sellers can request other forms of payment but that costs extra and may cause delays in payment. Note: Payment will not be made until the merchandise has been received and inspected by the Buyer. A proof of delivery from the carrier is required in any and all iEscrow transactions. "Prepayment" type transactions are not allowed.
  • Who pays the iEscrow's transaction fee?
  • The iEscrow fee may be paid for by Buyer or Seller and is decided during the negotiation process that takes place between the Buyer and Seller. However, the Buyer always pays the iEscrow fee and shipping fees when the merchandise is returned to the Seller.
  • Are charges to my credit card by iEscrow treated as cash advances?
  • No. A payment made to iEscrow is treated as a normal purchase.
  • Is it safe to use my credit card over the Internet?
  • The iEscrow system uses the most advanced encryption and banking technology to ensure that our customers transactions are safe. We do not keep any of your credit card information online, that information is passed straight to the financial institutions via secured lines. By working with partners like banking institutions, credit card companies, PayPal and Google, we keep up to date on technologies such as SSL and SET. Additionally, we pass industry standard PCI compliance testing as well as additional vulnerability testing. Furthermore, we have daily  independent security testing services provided by industry leader HackerGuardian.
  • What payment methods does iEscrow accept?
  • iEscrow accepts payment by credit card (via PayPal or Google Checkout), wire transfer, check and money order, in U.S. dollars only.

    Bank wire fees incurred by iEscrow will be charged to the customer.

    Cashier's checks, money orders, bank drafts, personal checks and business checks are all made payable to I-Escrow in U.S. dollars only.

    Please note personal checks, business checks, bank drafts will incur a delay of 10 business days from our receipt of the check for our verification of funds. Checks drawn on non-U.S. banks are not be accepted.

    The iEscrow Transaction ID must be printed on a payment check to avoid delays. Mailed payments are processed the next business day after receipt by iEscrow.
  • Is using iEscrow more advantageous to one party?
  • No. Both Buyer and Seller benefit from the iEscrow service. Both parties are assured of their respective interests in the transaction. The Buyer is secured delivery and truthful advertising by anonymous Seller in online auctions, classifieds and newsgroups (Web auctions has jumped to the No. 1 spot of online fraud reports to the National Fraud Information Center). The Seller is guaranteed payment since the Seller is only instructed to ship the item to the Buyer after iEscrow has received and verified payment. Both parties are likewise given the added convenience of having several payment options available.
  • What are the advantages of using the iEscrow service?
  • Security of knowing that you wont get ripped off.
    Speed in receiving funds since everything is automated.
    Inspection period after receiving goods which is not available with COD.
    Convenience by having numerous payment options and online sales management.
    Tracking of process is available 24hrs a day.
    Large dollar amount transactions possible which are not available with COD.
  • Why should I use iEscrow's service?
  • As a buyer, you want to ensure that you get what you paid for. As a seller, you want to ensure that your money is secured when you sell your product. Without an impartial third party between Buyer and Seller, a constant tug-of-war will exist between their respective interests. Buyers will always insist on delivery first and Sellers will always insist on prepayment. Unfortunately, when both parties are total strangers to each other, are in geographically distant areas, and transacting over the Internet, neither option is wise nor workable. Using iEscrow's service is the only way in which both parties can have the feeling of security when you buy, sell, or trade with strangers over the Internet. iEscrow is a bonded business entity and is state accredited to operate escrow transactions online.
  • How do I find the status of my transaction?
  • You can always use the web enabled tracking system to track the status of your transaction by logging in and going to your "My Transactions" page.
  • What can I buy or sell using iEscrow?
  • You can use iEscrow's service for physical goods, eBay auctions, Domain Names, and Services. Exceptions include: Real Estate (including timeshares), weapons, tickets to events, travel tickets, time-sensitive documents, and illegal items (drugs, human beings, human organs, etc.). iEscrow's service does not currently support sale of memberships, online gaming accounts, services (e.g., palm reading, website design) or other intangible items for which delivery cannot be independently verified by iEscrow. Vehicles are not accepted by our service at this time.

    If you are interested in REAL ESTATE ESCROW please visit our Quote Service, to get competitive quotes form companies in your area here.

  • How does the iEscrow service work?

    or, here is a general description of how we work:
    • Step 1: Sign up for an iEscrow account.
    • Step 2: Start creating, updating or modifying transactions (if buying through an auction site, please wait until after the end of the auction before starting your transaction).
    • Step 3: Buyer gets notified by iEscrow via email of the transaction and logs in and provides a Buyer Password. The Buyer will then proceed to pay iEscrow.
    • Step 4: Once iEscrow verifies the funds, Seller will be instructed to ship the goods to Buyer. The Seller must adhere to iEscrow's shipping requirements. The Seller must also provide iEscrow with the tracking number obtained from the shipping company to ensure payment in a timely manner. We do offer Domain Name and Service escrow, which do not have the shipping requirement.
    • Step 5: Upon receipt of merchandise, Buyer verifies purchase within inspection period and instructs iEscrow to release funds to Seller. 
  • I live in California, why can I not use your service?
  • The California Department of Corporations does not allow companies that are not specifically licensed in California as "Internet Escrow Companies" to process escrow transactions within their state. Although was once the only company with such a designation in California, no longer has such a license. However, don't worry, as it is something we are quickly trying to remedy. We hope to offer escrow transactions in the State of California very soon.
  • Are you required to register to use iEscrow?

  • You must be an iEscrow User in order to use our services. There are no fees for signing up as an iEscrow User. Additionally, once you are an iEscrow User, you do not have to re-enter your information for any future transactions and will always have an online record of your buying and selling activities.
  • What is the inspection period?
  • The Buyer and Seller will need to agree upon a period of time that is reasonable for the Buyer to inspect the merchandise upon receipt. This period of time is called the Inspection Period. The Inspection period is in days and beings once the Seller has shipped the package package. Please include the estimated shipping time in the length of the inspection period.
  • Do I need the internet to use iEscrow? Can I only use iEscrow online?
  • Yes, iEscrow is an online escrow services, and as such you will need Internet access to use the service.
  • What is fee structure?

  • Click here to see Fees.
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